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Trimas Corp Enters Into Replacement Facility Amendment To Credit Agreement

Published: 03/30/2021 21:43 GMT
Trimas Corporation (TRS) - Trimas Corp - Entered Into a Replacement Facility Amendment to Credit Agreement, Dated As of October 16, 2013.
Trimas Corp - Pursuant to Amendment, $300.0 Million Revolving Credit Facility Will Permit Borrowings Denominated in Specific Foreign Currencies.
Trimas Corp - $300.0 Million Revolving Credit Facility Will Be Subject to a $125.0 Million (equivalent) Sublimit & Will Mature on March 29, 2026.
Trimas Corp - Credit Agreement Also Provides Incremental Revolving Credit Facility Commitments in an Amount Not to Exceed Greater of $200.0 Million.
Trimas Corp - Credit Agreement Allows for Issuance of Letters of Credit, Not to Exceed $40.0 Million in Aggregate.