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Musk Said He Would Increase Twitter's Annual Revenue To $26.4 Bln By 2028,Up From $5 Bln Last Year-NYT,Citing Pitch Deck Musk Presented To Investors

Published: 05/06/2022 22:07 GMT
Tesla Inc (TSLA) - Musk Said He Would Increase Twitter’s Annual Revenue to $26.4 Billion by 2028,up From $5 Billion Last Year-nyt,citing Pitch Deck Musk Presented to Investors.
Under Musk, Twitter’s Advertising Would Fall to 45 Percent of Total Revenue, Down From Around 90 Percent in 2020 - Nyt.
Musk Expects $69 Million in Revenue From Twitter Blue by 2025 - Nyt.
By 2025, Musk Anticipates Twitter Will Have 11,072 Employees- Nyt.
Musk Anticipates He Can Lift Twitter’s Average Revenue per User to $30.22 in 2028 From $24.83 Last Year - Nyt.
Musk Says Twitter Would Bring in $15 Million From a Payments Business in 2023- Nyt.