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Tesla Submits Proposal for a 3-for-1 Stock Split at Annual Meeting

Published: 06/10/2022 21:34 GMT
Tesla Inc (TSLA) - Tesla - Submits Stockholder Proposal to Increase Number of Authorized Shares of Common Stock at Annual Meeting.
Tesla - Primary Purpose of the Authorized Shares Amendment is to Facilitate a 3-for-1 Split of Our Common Stock in the Form of a Stock Dividend.
Tesla - Authorized Shares Amendment Provides for Increase in Number of Authorized Shares of Co’s Common Stock From 2 Billion Shares to 6 Billion Shares.
Tesla Inc - Tesla Shareholders to Vote on Proposal on Employees Right to Form Or Join Trade Unions.
Tesla Inc - Tesla Stockholders to Vote on Proposal Regarding Annual Reporting on Anti-harassment and Discrimination Efforts.
Tesla Inc - in June 2022, Lawrence J. Ellison, a Class Iii Director, Determined That He Will Not Stand for Re-election to Co's Board.
Tesla Inc - Shareholders to Vote on Co's Proposal for Adoption of Amendments to Certificate of Incorporation to Reduce Director Terms to Two Years.
Tesla Inc - If Proposal is Approved, Co's Board Will Thereafter Be Divided Into Two Classes With Staggered Two-year Terms.