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Tetra Tech To Acquire RPS Group To Expand Its Global Operations

Published: 09/23/2022 22:50 GMT
Tetra Tech, Inc. (TTEK) - Tetra Tech to Acquire Rps Group to Expand Its Global Operations.
All-cash Acquisition of Rps Group for 222 Pence per Share.
Acquisition Has Been Unanimously Recommended by Board of Directors of Rps Group.
Acquisition is Expected to Be Mid to High Teen Percent Accretive to Adjusted Earnings per Share.
Tetra Tech - Acquisition Will Be Implemented by Means of a Court-sanctioned Scheme of Arrangement Under Part 26 of the Uk Companies Act 2006.
Tetra Tech Has Obtained a "certain Funds" of £714 Million (approximately 800 Million Usd) Plus 350 Million USD New Credit Facility.
Cost to Realize Synergies is Estimated to Be £16 Million and Would Be Substantially Incurred in First Twelve Months After Closing.