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Travere Therapeutics Says Sparsentan Treatment Group Experienced 49.8% Mean Reduction Of Proteinuria From Baseline After 36 Weeks

Published: 08/16/2021 11:29 GMT
Travere Therapeutics Inc (TVTX) - Travere Therapeutics Announces Positive Topline Interim Results From the Ongoing Phase 3 Protect Study of Sparsentan in Iga Nephropathy.
Travere Therapeutics Inc - Sparsentan Treatment Group Experienced 49.8 Percent Mean Reduction of Proteinuria From Baseline After 36 Weeks.
Travere Therapeutics Inc - to Date in Study, Sparsentan Has Been Generally Well-tolerated and Consistent With Previously Observed Safety Profile.
Travere Therapeutics Inc - Submission of an NDA Under Subpart H Accelerated Approval Pathway in U.S. Expected in First Half 2022.