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Twist Bioscience Enters Into Research, Exclusive Option And License Agreement With Astellas For Antibodies To Reduce Tumor Microenvironment-Mediated Immunosuppression

Published: 05/09/2022 13:48 GMT
Twist Bioscience Corp (TWST) - Twist Bioscience Enters Into Research, Exclusive Option and License Agreement With Astellas for Antibodies to Reduce Tumor Microenvironment-mediated Immunosuppression.
Twist Bioscience Corp - Under Terms of Agreement, Twist Will Receive an Upfront Payment From Astellas.
Twist Bioscience Corp - Co Will Receive Additional Payment Upon Exercise of Licensing Option.
Twist - Co Will Receive Payments Connected to Success-based Clinical Milestones As Well As Royalty Payments on Product Sales for Each Licensed Product.
Twist Bioscience Corp - Astellas Will Be Responsible for Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization of Any Licensed Products.