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United Airlines Secures Up To $5.17 Bln Treasury Loan

Published: 09/30/2020 22:04 GMT
United Airlines Holdings Inc (UAL) - United Airlines - on Sept.
28, 2020, Entered Into a Loan and Guarantee Agreement Among Co, Treasury, for a Term Loan Facility of Up to $5.17 Billion.
United Airlines Holdings - Loans Under Term Loan Facility May Be Disbursed in Up to 3 Disbursements on Or Before March 26, 2021.
United Airlines - Treasury Has Advised Co It Intends to Allocate Additional Loan Commitments Under the Cares Act in October 2020 - Sec Filing.
United Airlines - on September 28, Borrowed Initial Term Loan Under Term Loan Facility in Amount Equal to $520 Million.
United Airlines -additional Allocations Under Cares Act Expected to Increase Amount Available Under Term Loan Facility to Upto $7.5 Billion in Aggregate.
United Airlines - Treasury Disbursed Additional About $144.0 Million in Funding to Company Pursuant to Payroll Support Program.
United Airlines - Credit Agreement Includes Covenants That Restrict Ability to Make Investments, to Pay Dividends On, Or to Repurchase, Ual Stock.
United Airlines - Entered Warrant Agreement With Treasury, Pursuant to Which Co to Issue to Treasury Warrants to Purchase Upto About 16.41 Million Shares.
United Airlines - Credit Agreement Warrants Will Have a Strike Price of $31.50 per Share.
Revenue is expected to be $5 Billion
Adjusted EPS is expected to be -$4.75

Next Quarter Revenue Guidance is expected to be $6.87 Billion
Next Quarter EPS Guidance is expected to be -$1.62

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