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Virios Therapeutics Announces Results From Mid-Stage Study Of Imc-1 In Fibromyalgia

Published: 09/19/2022 11:28 GMT
Virios Therapeutics Inc (VIRI) - Virios Therapeutics Announces Top-line Results From Phase 2b Study of Imc-1 in Fibromyalgia.
Virios Therapeutics Inc - Fortress Study Did Not Achieve Statistical Significance on Prespecified Primary Efficacy Endpoint.
Virios Therapeutics Inc - Imc-1 Was Well-tolerated Overall, With Only 4.6% of Imc-1 Treated Patients Dropping Out Due to Adverse Events.
Virios Therapeutics Inc - Analysis of Data Suggests a Bifurcation of Response Based on Timing of Patient Enrollment in Fortress Trial.
Virios Therapeutics Inc - Overall Discontinuations Were 18.5% in Imc-1 Treated Group Versus 23% in Placebo Treated Group.
Virios Therapeutics Inc - No Adverse Event Category in Imc-1 Group Exceeded a 4% Rate With Exception of Covid-19 Infection.
Virios - Believe Interplay Between Different Covid-19 Strains & Herpes Virus Activation May Be Contributing to Differential Response in Patients Enrolled in 2021 Versus 2022.
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