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Wejo To List Publicly In U.S. Through A Combination With Virtuoso Acquisition Corp

Published: 05/28/2021 22:15 GMT
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp - Ordinary Shares - Class A (VOSO) - Wejo, a Global Leader in Connected Vehicle Data, to List Publicly in the U.S. Through a Business Combination With Virtuoso Acquisition Corp.
Virtuoso Acquisition - Transaction Implies Equity Value of Approximately $1.1 Billion and is Expected to Deliver Approximately $330 Million of Gross Proceeds.
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp - Upon Completion of Transaction, Combined Company Will Operate Under Wejo Name.
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp - Will Combine With Wejo at an Enterprise Value of $800 Million, Which Implies an Estimated $1.1 Billion Pro Forma Equity Value.
Virtuoso - Wejo's Existing Shareholders Are Rolling 100% of Their Existing Equity Into Combined Co & Will Own About 64% of Issued & Outstanding Shares.
Virtuoso - Additional Strategic Investors Have Expressed Interest in Participating in Pipe for Up to an Incremental $25 Million Within Next 30 Days.
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp - Pipe Had Participation From Palantir Technologies and General Motors.