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Verrica Receives Complete Response Letter From The FDA For Its NDA For VP-102

Published: 05/25/2022 00:13 GMT
Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc (VRCA) - Verrica Receives Complete Response Letter From the FDA for Its NDA for Vp-102 As a Direct Result of Deficiencies at General Reinspection of Sterling Pharmaceuticals Services, Llc.
Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc- Verrica Has Been Notified That Sterling is on Oai (official Action Indicated) Status.
Verrica-review Division Had Advised That Review of NDA Was Completed,label Was Ready to Be Communicated, Except for Sterling's Classification Status.
Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc- Concurrently, Verrica is Engaging an Additional Cmo to Serve As an Alternative Supplier of Vp-102's Bulk Solutio.