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Walgreens Boots Alliance Announces Transformational Consumer-Centric Healthcare Strategy To Fuel Long-Term Growth

Published: 10/14/2021 15:20 GMT
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (WBA) - Walgreens Boots Alliance Announces Transformational Consumer-centric Healthcare Strategy to Fuel Long-term Growth.
Walgreens - Transformational Cost Management Program Delivered in Excess of $2 Billion in Annual Cost Savings by the End of Fiscal Year 2021.
Walgreens - Raising Savings Goal Under Transformational Cost Management Program to $3.3 Billion by Fiscal Year 2024.
Walgreens - Beyond Fiscal 2024, Co's Long-term Growth Algorithm Leads to Adjusted.
EPS Growth of 11 to 13 Percent.
Walgreens - Co’s New Walgreens Health Segment Will Be in Investment Mode, Which Should Drive Significant Future Revenue & Adjusted.
Operating Income Growth.
Walgreens - Co Introduced Fiscal 2022 Guidance of Flat Growth in Adjusted EPS at Constant Currency Rates.
Walgreens - Co Anticipates Core Growth of 4% Offset by Investments in Walgreens Health.
Walgreens - Over Next 3 Years, Expects Annual Adjusted.
EPS Core Growth of Around 4%, With Flat Growth in Fiscal 2022 & Acceleration Each Year Thereafter.
Walgreens - Co Has an Option to Acquire Remaining Equity Interests in Carecentrixin the Future.
Walgreens - Carecentrix’ Other Equity Holders Will Have Option to Require Co to Purchase Remaining Equity Interests, Under Agreement.