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Workhorse Group Provides Update On Review Of Operating And Commercialization Plans

Published: 09/22/2021 13:28 GMT
Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS) - Workhorse Group Provides Update on Review of Operating and Commercialization Plans.
Workhorse Group Inc - Expects to Complete Testing in Q4 of 2021.
Workhorse Group Inc - Intends to Provide an Update on Its Operating and Commercial Plans on Its Upcoming Q3 2021 Earnings Call.
Workhorse Group Inc - Decided to Suspend Deliveries of C-1000 Vehicles and Recall 41 Vehicles It Has Already Delivered.
Workhorse Group Inc - Has Identified a Number of Enhancements in Production Process and Design of C-1000 to Address Customer Feedback.
Workhorse Group - Additional Testing, Modifications to Existing Vehicles Required to Certify C-1000 Vehicles Under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
Workhorse Group - Filed a Report With Nhtsa Regarding Need for Additional Testing and Vehicle Modifications to Certify Its C-1000 Vehicles Under Fmvss.
Workhorse Group Inc - Has Not Received Any Customer Reports of Safety Issues Related to Matter in Any of C-1000 Vehicles Previously Delivered by Co.
Workhorse Group Inc - Previous Statements Related to C-1000's Compliance With Nhtsa Standards Cannot Be Relied Upon.