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TeraWulf Announces Beneficial Debt Modifications, About $32 Mln Of New Equity Proceeds

Published: 02/02/2023 14:32 GMT
TeraWulf Inc (WULF) - Terawulf Announces Beneficial Debt Modifications and Approximately $32 Million of New Equity Proceeds.
Terawulf Inc - Deal Will Eliminate Principal Payments and Defer Amortization to April 2024 With Ability to Extend to Maturity.
Terawulf Inc - Co Co Expects to Be Fully Funded to Positive Free Cash Flow From Bitcoin Mining Operations in Q2 2023.
Terawulf Inc - Advances Growth Rate to Achieve Targeted 160 Mw and 5.5 Eh of Capacity in Q2 2023.
Terawulf Inc - Reached Binding Agreement in Principle With Existing Lenders on Certain Debt Modifications, Subject to Equity Capital Raise Condition.
Terawulf Inc - Intends to Use Net Equity Proceeds to Complete Buildout of Lake Mariner and Nautilus Facilities and for General Corporate Purposes.