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ExxonMobil Says Future Plans Include Structural Cost Savings Of $9 Billion Per Year By 2023, Compared To 2019

Published: 05/25/2022 16:53 GMT
Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) - Exxonmobil to Grow Shareholder Value by Meeting Need for Energy, Essential Products and Lower- Emissions Solutions.
Exxonmobil - Future Plans Include Structural Cost Savings of $9 Billion per Year by 2023, Compared to 2019.
Exxonmobil - in Near Term, Exxonmobil is Increasing Production of Energy Resources and Products World Needs.
Exxonmobil - During Annual Meeting, Shareholders Re-elected Exxonmobil's Board of Director Nominees, Supported Company's Executive Compensation Program.
Exxonmobil - in Permian Basin in United States, Exxonmobil Expects to Produce More Than 550,000 Oil Equivalent Barrels per Day This Year.
Exxonmobil - Exxonmobil Continues to Mitigate Emissions From Its Operations and Achieved Its 2025 Emission-reduction Plans Four Years Earlier Than Planned.
Exxonmobil - Company's State-of-art Corpus Christi Chemical Complex Started Production on Schedule.
Exxonmobil - Future Plans Also Include More Than $15 Billion of Investments Through 2027 on Initiatives to Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Exxonmobil - Corpus Christi Chemical Complex Delivered Positive Earnings and Cash Flow in Its Q1 of Operations.