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The Secret is Out: The Apple Car is Coming


Written by Ophir Gottlieb, 01-08-2016

It's been long rumored and discussed, but the next huge product for Apple seems to be coming, and it's going to be the Apple Car. We just did a search on 'Who Is' to search for domain owners and what we found was stunning.

First, on September 21st the Wall St. Journal reported: "Apple Inc. is accelerating efforts to build an electric car, designating it internally as a "committed project" and setting a target ship date for 2019, according to people familiar with the matter" (Source: WSJ).

Today we found this:

We can see that the domain name is now owned by Apple. We can see this with as well, in the image below:

The self-driving car market will take a few years to materialize, but if you're looking for another "iPhone" size product, this is it, possibly several-fold over.

Navigant Research states:

"[T]he global light duty EV market is expected to grow from 2.7 million vehicle sales in 2014 to 6.4 million in 2023 under a base scenario."
Source: Navigant Research

The average selling price for new cars in 2014 was $33,560 per USA Today. While that number includes trucks, we can use it as some sort of base. If 6.4 million EV sell by 2023 at an average price of $35,000 that's a $224 billion industry. Again, the Apple Car will live in a segment that could easily be an entire company, ya know, like, say, Tesla.

We know that Google and Ford have just shaken hands on a future partnership and General Motors and Lyft have partnered. Rumors swirl of a sort of dream team Apple and Tesla partnership, though it seems unlikely given their competitive stances.

But, rumors have it that Apple will be building on BMW's i3 chassis. Now a BMW and Apple partnership would be very tasty.

Friends, the main stream media will tell you that Apple is suffocating and has no innovation. It will tell you Apple is a 'phone company.' They're all wrong. In fact, Apple has nearly doubled its R&D in the last two-years. Here's the chart.

We just published the CML Pro research Dossier "How Apple Will Embarrass a Bumbling Wall Street" that covers the iPhone, Macs, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Pay, A-chips and so much more. Want a taste? Try this fact:

The revenue from the 'failed' Apple Watch and 'dead' Mac will be more than double Facebook's total revenue in 2015 and nearly 50% of Google's total revenue in 2015. And those are the 'failed' and 'dead;' products.

Apple Pay and Apple TV are going to be big enough to be entire businesses in and of themselves and in fact the Apple TV will stand to totally transform Apple as Apple turns to own cable TV as we know it.

Source: CML Pro

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Thanks for reading, friends.