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You Won't Believe What Apple is Doing to Attack Facebook


Facebook continues to grow at unthinkable rates. It sees 25% of the world's population on its products every day while nearly half the world doesn't even have an Internet connection yet. The facts we can go over are mind boggling.

But there are two facts that are equally disruptive -- and they signal that Apple has had enough of the Facebook run and it wants its business. Facebook is a company that exists because of mobile -- and the most valuable and dominant mobile device is the iPhone. Here come two attacks that are so abrupt, so fundamentally aggressive, and so combative, that we can only say: Facebook and Apple are soon to be locked in a cage, and only one might come out.

We learned yesterday that Facebook gets over 1.5 billion mobile monthly active users (MAUs). Further, it's mobile, and nothing else, that is driving the growth. Here's a great chart:


An investment in Facebook is a bet on the thematic trends of social media, mobile advertising and online video advertising. It's also a bet on continued success in innovation and competitive defense. Snapchat is a worry and in fact TechCrunch noted that Snapchat briefly took the number one spot on US App Stores for the first time. Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is a direct competitor. But Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), of them all, brings the greatest risk.

With this back drop, we introduce the combative reactions from Apple.

This first one is simple to understand and, while it's a non trivial attack, it allows Facebook a little bit of cover, for now.

Mark Zuckerberg stated on the earnings call two quarters ago that the risk of ad blocking apps was material. According to a report published by PageFair and Adobe, ad blocking software worldwide has increased 41% year-on-year to 198 million monthly active users and is expected to cost publishers more than $21.8 billion in 2015 in lost revenue (BusinessInsider).

Here's the incredible chart:


For now Facebook has some cover from ad blocking because the vast majority of users engage the social media through the app on a mobile device. The Facebook app family (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) has its own ecosystem which hypothetically exists independently of whichever mobile device they sit on.

That casual analysis falls short. App developers are like sharks -- they go where the meat is. For them, the meat is users, and there is no more meat than Facebook. It's coming, a day when applications built to sit on top of other apps to block ads will be released.

While Facebook should be able to fight many of them off, it may not be able to fight one that is built by Apple to run specifically on the iOS. If you think that's an impossible idea, then we refer you to Apple's announcement of iOS9. Friends, it's not only possible, it's coming.

The second threat is yet more disruptive and the interesting reality is that if you love Apple, then this sounds perfect. If you love Facebook, this sounds irrelevant. Both groups are wrong. It isn't perfect and it isn't irrelevant. It's an atom bomb. It will go off and one of these two firms is going to get smashed. Here it is:

In 2014, Apple released iOS8 and a part of the focus was on iMessage. Users were all of a sudden able to capture, send and set a self-destructing timer for audio and video messages without leaving the app (Source:

Within hours of release, WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook) co-founder and CEO Jan Koum tweeted:


That poke from Apple has turned into an all out assault:

The world doesn't need a new social media -- that's the general thinking. For people who love Facebook it is the social connector to family and friends and it's entrenched at a level that makes it irreplaceable. For those people that don't like Facebook, it feels like a "Facebook friend" is simply a vanity-voyeurism benchmark.

It doesn't actually matter which side of the fence you stand on, because US Patent Number US2015/0127728 A1 is attempting to break everything:

We did our research and dug around the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and we found this filing registration. Apple is creating a social network which focuses on a real world social interaction, rather than just a digital interaction. In fact, here is a rendering from that patent application:


It looks wonky and sort of simple -- and that's the point. Almost every technology patent filing is purposefully made to be confusing -- it's a competitive move made over and over again.

But if you read through the entire registration and look through all of the renderings, as we did, you 'll see it, you can almost touch it -- Apple is going to connect all one billion of its devices with a social media that combines real-time communiqués through iMessaging just like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger combined into one and then combine that with real world interactions.

It's a take on social media we haven't seen before -- one that encompasses all of Facebook's beauty, all of Snapchat's trendiness, all of Facebook Messenger's immediacy, and then goes further to connect human beings in the physical world.

It might sound weird and weak, or maybe it sounds amazing and exciting, that's really personal taste, for now. But what is not personal taste is the fact that a new social media driven by Apple's iPhone that automatically connects people without requiring an app or a download that takes the best of the existing social media is a ferocious attack on Facebook's world.

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Thanks for reading, friends.