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The Secret's Out: The Most Important Technology Ever is Here


Written by Ophir Gottlieb

It's coming. It's a colossal shift -- a fundamental change. It will impact almost everything: communication will be revolutionized, entertainment will explode, business structures will be transformed.

It is one of the revolutionary themes, one of the fundamental shifts coming in the very near future that will change how we live, work, and play.

This is a technology whose consumer base looks increasingly like [all of] humanity.

Source: Dave Thier, Forbes

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), International Business Machine (NYSE:IBM) and China's Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) are already in.

Google acquired deep learning research group DeepMind for half a billion dollars in 2014. IBM acquired AlchemyAPI last year and Apple made two acquisitions in just four days. The next "big thing" is Virtual Reality --it's larger than anyone is forecasting, and the winner will not be any of the companies we just listed above.

This is the opportunity so many investors say they welcome -- say they search for. The opportunity to find the "Next Apple," or the "next Google." Friends, it's coming right now, and it lies in the depths of technology's core. It's the artificial intelligence and deep learning engine, the hyper fast computing speed enabler.

Recent breakthroughs in GPU-accelerated deep-learning techniques have made it possible to reach exceptional improvements in pattern recognition.

Source: Tech Crunch

The market for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be absolutely explosive. Together VR/AR are projected to hit $150 billion in yearly sales by just 2020, according to a study by digi-capital:


Those numbers are too small. Goldman Sachs told Bloomberg:

We believe VR/AR has the potential to spawn a multibillion-dollar industry, and possibly be as game changing as the advent of the PC.

Source: Bloomberg

This technology goes well beyond games and visual pleasure. The results will be disruption and innovation on a scale that can only be compared to the most revolutionary technologies of the modern era: the car, the plane, the phone, the computer, the Internet. This is the next step in human evolution. Macquarie Bank wrote:

We continue to believe that VR/AR is poised to be the next computing platform. And like the transition from desktop to mobile, it will be disruptive.

Source: Bloomberg

We can sit in the same room as a family member 10,000 miles away. Have a meal with anyone we know at any time in any place. We can sit on the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl. We can sit front row at the State of the Union. We can visit Mars, be an airplane pilot, go to an African Safari.

Further yet, we can treat anxiety disorders, phobias, even expand the reach of education and further children's imaginations, even adult imagination. Not to get crass, but even sexual encounters will be possible from anywhere at anytime. Touch, the physical sense, is now possible. Here's a little image from MIT:

It's that real. Sight, hearing, and touch have already been conquered.

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology is moving so fast, that when we're with someone miles away in a VR experience, it doesn't look like a video game or animated rendering, it's real. If you've never experienced it -- go to a demonstration and feel the enormity of these realties within 15 seconds. It's that powerful and it's that obvious, that quickly.

We listed a number of tech giants above, all acquiring companies, producing software and hardware, innovating as quickly as they can. But all of them, every single one, is totally and utterly dependent on the back bone of VR -- and that is computing speed.

VR is now "here again" for one very simple reason. One technology company has finally broken the barrier in providing the enormous computing power to make all of these grand statements a reality. What the public, you and I, will not tolerate is a rendering of our augmented or virtual realities that isn't absolutely 100% real. As a populace we no longer have the patience or interest in graphics that look like the 'Atari.'

We want it real -- not a rendering of real. And that is now possible. It isn't Artificial Intelligence, it's Artificial Superintelligence.

[A]nother wave of progress in machine learning [] will mark a huge step in the evolution toward an Artificial Superintelligence.

Source: Tech Crunch

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Thanks for reading, friends.