Bruush Oral Care Inc.

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Bruush Oral Care Inc. Stock, :BRSH

30 Wellington Street West, 5th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5L 1E2
Phone: +1.844.427.8774
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Letâ??s be real. Your dentist is always telling youâ??and theyâ??re right you know. Brushing with electric is a far more effective way to achieve those healthy mouth feels. But we get it - electric toothbrushes are traditionally expensive. Buying replacement heads is annoying. And those charging stations - no one needs ugly clutter on their countertops... Thatâ??s why we created Br??ush! A premium electric toothbrush that... 1 Doesn't break the bank! 2 Sends you replacement heads as you needâ??em! 3 Looks great on your countertop!